• What is GradMail and why do I want it ?

         GradMail is an innovative technology that is sweeping the internet. GradMail helps students and fans stay connected to their alma-maters and favorite colleges, as well as friends and family. Also, because of the overlap of many of our domain names, we are able to offer vanity email addresses to high school and elementary school graduates, as well as other learning institutions.

         GradMail provides vanity email addresses to anyone who wants to reflect the pride they may feel toward their school or group. Once you choose a personalized, vanity email address, GradMail simply forwards all email that is sent to your new personalized address to the email address that you currently use at home or work. It will not function as your only email address: you must have your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) at home or work where you normally send and receive email. GradMail merely gives you an email 'residence' that will never change. This eliminates the need to announce changes in email addresses caused by job or ISP changes. GradMail is designed to help alumni maintain relationships with both colleagues and loved ones alike by providing a permanent email address.

  • How do I sign up for GradMail ?

          You sign up for a GradMail account by going to our website (www.GradMail.com). Your GradMail address will be your name or nickname followed by: @yourschoolname.com.

            Example: TomJones@USFgrad.com

          Or if you are a fan of any school, you can choose a "fan address:" Jim@GatorFans.com.

          All of the mail sent to your new GradMail address will be forwarded to the address that you specify in the “Current email address” field on the subscription form. You decide where you want us to send your email. Please specify only one address. If you would like to sign up for a permanent email address but you do not currently maintain an email account or you would like to discontinue email forwarding for a period of time, simply enter "none" in the “Current email address” field.

  • How do I retrieve my mail ?

         GradMail does not store your email. It simply redirects any email sent to your GradMail address to your existing inbox, which you maintain at home or work. Email forwarded through your GradMail address is sent to you within seconds, thus you should experience no significant delays in email delivery times. Email sent through GradMail is deposited with your ‘regular’ mail, and can be retrieved no differently than email sent to you normally. As always, an email program which allows you to send, receive, and read mail is necessary for retrieving any mail.

  • Does GradMail scan, read or store my email?

         No, GradMail does NOT store any of your email and does not scan or read it. GradMail simply redirects any email sent to your GradMail address to your existing inbox, which you maintain at home or work.

  • What is the cost for using GradMail ?

         GradMail charges a yearly fee of $30.00 to its subscribers, or you can choose to reserve your address permanently for $150.00. In order to utilize GradMail, however, you need to have Internet access and maintain an email account. If these are not provided to you at work, you will need to purchase Internet service with an email address in order to retrieve your email.

  • I don't have email now. Can I still sign up ?

         You must maintain an email address with your business or a personal Internet Service Provider (i.e. AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to take advantage of GradMail.

  • How do I change the address to which my email is forwarded ?

         To change your "forwarded to" address (where you receive your email), you simply need to login to the GradMailwebsite and change the address listed in the "Current Email" section of the page. A confirmation email will be sent to you when the change has been completed.